Friday, June 3, 2011

Good Friday

Today started off on the wrong foot.  The doorbell rang at 5am, sending the dog into a barking frenzy and waking up a peacefully slumbering toddler.  The upstairs neighbors had called a cab, and the cabbie rang our bell instead of theirs... awesome.  Then, before 7am, I realized I had developed a cold sore overnight and stuck myself with a rose thorn.  I was about to crawl back in bed for good when the espresso machine exploded all over, making a huge mess and producing only the most bitter of liquids instead of my badly-needed latte (note to self: thoroughly clean espresso machine this weekend).

Then the husband turned my day around by grabbing me a delicious iced coffee from my favorite shop, and watching SportsCenter with the little guy so that I could reset my morning with searing-hot, leg-shaving shower.  Much better.   We spent the rest of the morning enjoying the refreshingly crisp weather at the playground, and I think it is going to be a peaceful and lovely end to the week after all.

Making this Friday good:
 Yellow roses cut from the front yard.
Great supermarket scores:
Yogi Granola Crisps are like tiny, healthy cookies to sprinkle over Greek yogurt (my summer obsession).
Back to Nature Crackers are my favorite, and these Sunflower Basil ones have incredible flavor.
Casal Garcia Vinho Verde is my go-to summer white: crisp with tiny bubbles, and very easy on the wallet.
This guy has been eating like a champ!  Here he's stealing my salad at lunch today (you're welcome to it, little man).  Things he's downed in the last 24 hours include: a grilled cheese sandwich, carrot sticks and red pepper slices, and a large slice of spiced raisin-walnut bread.  Perhaps there is hope for us yet?  Also check out his bike helmet, which he has mostly refused to take off since his dad got it for him last weekend.  They're hitting the bike paths together, and that's a beautiful thing.
I've logged about fifteen miles this week in runs around the pond, and feel so much the better for it.
Here's to a weekend of good food, good rest, and good health for all of us.


  1. I just was thinking about opening the bottle of Vinho Verde that I picked up last week at Trader Joe's (it's 90+ and humid today in good ol' Iowa)! Great minds really do think alike... <3 to all 3 of you.

  2. I bought Vinho Verde today, too! Am now debating whether it is appropriate to bring along to share with other grown-ups at an end of the season soccer party for 6 year olds... Can you bring wine -unbidden- to a kid party, when you don't really know the other parents? My gut says no, but the Friday night in me says yes ;-).

  3. i quite like the new look of your blog...the ocean looks so calm there! i enjoy your site, your humor, your trials and tribulations...always refreshing when one is so candid...most thing is golfing and knitting...neither translate well to the computer...:) so, i enjoy your writings and musings and read you each week...thanks...ttfn,

  4. SE - wine is always welcome as far as I'm concerned.
    Anon - thanks for the love for the new look... I appreciate it.
    Alison - love ya!