Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rocking my world this week...

We're having a lovely pre-holiday week here at Casa SMJ.  Some things tickling my fancy are as follows...

1) The Boston Public Library System
I love the library, and for so much more than just the books.  Did you know that your free membership to the BPL system allows you free or heavily discounted monthly entry to almost all of the museums in town?  This is an incredible deal, for only a bit of extra work.  You simply go and check out a pass to the museum of your choice (at the main branch downtown, there tends to be a long wait for passes, but at the smaller branch libraries, there is tons of availability), and you're off.  Yesterday, my sister-in-law and I took little J to the New England Aquarium for FREE.
Adult tickets are usually $22 per person, so this felt like a real score.  And thanks to our willingness to use metered parking in the North End and walk over to the Aquarium (instead of using the adjacent, ridiculously priced parking garage), we had a $60 outing for all of 50 cents.  How awesome is that?

2) Brooklyn's Eagle Street Farm on The Selby
Photographer Todd Selby has made a project of photographing creative people in their homes, and the resulting blog is one of my new faves.  I particularly love this recent shoot of Brooklyn urban farmer Annie Novak on her rooftop farm, and encourage you to check out the whole set.  I love the concept of the rooftop farm, I love her dress and boots and the photos are smashing.  Consider it a little treat for your Thursday.

2) Tiny Prints' Holiday Cards
It's not too late to send some holiday cheer!  I'm old school and adore receiving peoples' holiday cards every year.  I love to collect them all on one wall and just kind of take in the people in my life and what the past year has brought us all.  This year, though, so much has been going on in the last few weeks, I thought we'd never pull it together to do a card that could arrive before Valentines Day.  Tiny Prints to the rescue!  Not only do they have a variety of fantastic designs to choose from, but you can still get your cards by early next week without paying an arm and a leg.  What's more, they're offering 15% off all of their holiday card orders until the end of the day tomorrow -- just enter the promotion code 15HOL at checkout.  Stylish, affordable holiday cards for the procrastinating set -- I LOVE IT. What are you waiting for?  Click over there and make something great to send to the people you love!

4) Gwyneth and her crazy-town wreath
Enough said.

5)  The health of my family.  After a recent scare, we got news today that all is well.  So relieved and grateful.  This puts everything in perspective and makes the holidays brighter.  WE LOVE YOU M.A.M.A.


  1. Extra holiday cheer points for scoring parking in the North End, period. ;)

  2. And double extra points for resisting the call of Bova's calzones whilst parked in their vicinity!