Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gift Guide: Dude Edition

I don't know what I did to deserve the husband I ended up with... he's patient, kind, a double-gold-star dad, a genius in the kitchen and behind the grill and adorable to boot.  Despite my rampant troubles with decision making and simple math, my propensity to need things *just so* in the house (which can't be easy to live with sometimes), a level of patience not on-par with his and an addiction to the Real Housewives (who he disdains), he loves me anyway.  For that, I'm more grateful than he'll ever know.  What do you get for the guy who held your hand through childbirth, thinks your quirky humor is hilarious, forgives you for wearing yoga pants while telecommuting five days a week and is your most beloved champion and best friend?  Should I win the lottery, the answer would be a month-long trip for the three of us at a Costa Rican surf retreat, a ski trip with his buddies at Whistler, a diesel pick-up truck, a MacBook Pro, and Red Sox season tickets.  In the meantime, here are some more reasonable ideas for the men in your life, sanctioned by my very own honey...

1) Hip Flask
Most guys I know tend to like to have a little nip of an adult beverage here and there.  They especially enjoy said nips outdoors in the cold (think camping, tailgating, walking the dog).  A hip flask fits right in the pocket for such occasions and can be engraved with a monogram for a keepsake.  However, don't make the same mistake I did on one of our first holidays together and get a nice one for your guy.  The lovely silver monogrammed flask I got for B that year met its end when he sat on a tree trunk with it in his back pocket on a camping trip.  Stainless ones are more durable and start at $9, so it won't be  tragedy if his is confiscated at a ball game or concert, or if he happens to smash it into a rock or what have you.

2) All-Clad Grilling Tools
Men like to cook with fire.  Men like things that come with their own carrying case.  Men like tools.  My husband has temporary custody of the above set while my dad is living sans grill for the winter and he loooooves it.  All-Clad is top of the line, and this grill tool set is the best.  Enough said.

3) Portable iPod Dock
When I asked the husband what items I should put on this list, the word "tailgating" came up again and again.  Guys, or my guy at least, like a portable party.  This iPod dock has a rechargeable battery and is totally wireless and packable, so it could provide a perfect soundtrack from the lot at the Pats game to a car camping trip to that romantic picnic he is planning for you even as we speak.  I love how sleek this one is as well.

4) Patagonia Lined Canvas Hoody
We both love this versatile jacket from Patagonia.  The canvas lining is both rugged and stylish, and the fleece inside makes it toasty warm.  Says the husband, "You could wear this jacket to chop firewood, hike, workout or go to the bar."  I say, he would look woodsy and wickedly cute while doing all of the above; a win-win.

5) Sports Tickets
There's nothing better than an activity-gift; it never gathers dust or goes bad, and you create a memory that lasts forever.  Around here, there would be no better gift than a ticket to Fenway Park or to see the Patriots, Bruins or Celtics.  Depending on what city you live in, the tickets don't have to break the bank, either.  Present him with a pair and he could take a buddy, or you could have a rowdy, Budweiser-y date night. 

Men are simple creatures.
Give them something to do with sports, fire, or being outside, and they'll be happy.  
Love that and the men in my life...

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