Friday, December 3, 2010

Gift Guide: Yogini Edition

Right.  So, we know that the holidays are about so much more than gifts, yes?  But still, it is such a fun time of year to play elf and look around the shops and the internet for things to delight the special people in our lives.  Whatever your means, window shopping (preferably with delicious hot beverage in hand) is a wonderful pastime.  So, strictly for fun, I'll be presenting SMJ's Holiday Gift Guides over the next couple weeks, just to share some things that have sparked my interest through the virtual frosted window panes, and which might inspire you for your mama, sister, sweetie, hubs or bebe as well.  Put on the kettle and have a gander at my first list, with your favorite yoga studio denizen in mind...

1) Me and Ro Tiny Chakra Bezel Flower Ring
Me and Ro is the jeweler to the bendy stars, and I love everything on their site, but the mixed metals and message of self-awareness in this delicate ring make it a particular fave of mine.

2) Yoga Journal Subscription
With its lovely photos, delicious healthy recipes, and easy-to-decipher guide to complicated poses, Yoga Journal is my favorite yoga-related mag.  A year's subscription is less than $20 and would help your favorite yogi deepen his practice and improve his health.

3) Lululemon Awareness Jacket
Yoga dates often go from the studio to the cafe, coffee shop, or even the bar, depending on how your week is going.  Its nice to have a washable layer available to keep you warm and cover the bits that yoga gear often exposes (bum and bust, I'm talking to you) once you are out on the town.  Even if you're just headed home, this would be snuggly for savasana.  Lululemon is to yoginis what Vera Wang is to brides: the best of the best.  I love how sleek this wrap is, and the way the closures allow you to customize the coverage.

4) Seda France Candle
My yoga instructor bestie introduced me to these candles, sold at her studio.  What's the best way to extend that yoga buzz?  Come home, brew a pot of tea, light a delicious candle in your room, lie down, breathe, sip and relax.  Ahhhh.... it's the gift that keeps on giving, and this Japanese Quince scent is particularly irresistible.

5) The best gift for a yogini?  More yoga!  Most studios will allow you to purchase a 10 (or more) class gift card by phone.  My favorite Boston studio is O2, where the owner, Mimi, will both inspire and challenge you in her Power class.
Other great studios for your resident yogi? In San Francisco, I loved Yoga Tree, in Vermont I was devoted to Upper Valley Yoga and Bikram Yoga Pittsfield, and my girl Shira dishes out the yoga love at AreaYoga Brooklyn (and her yoga mixes are reason enough alone to attend her classes... sheer musical brilliance!).

Coming next... my fave presents for foodies, boys trapped in the bodies of grown men, and actual toddlers... stay tuned!

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  1. although I like to think of myself as an unmaterialistic yogini
    i'd like everything on this list

    thanks for the humor which adds spice to this great season of ours