Monday, December 6, 2010

Gift Guide: For your sister/bestie edition

I had so much fun putting together my yogini gift guide, I've decided to devote this week entirely to fun present ideas.  I'm keeping it simple: five items per post, each geared towards a special person in your life.  Please add your suggestions; there's nothing better than some communal virtual window shopping to combat the cold!  Today's gift guide features gifts for that rock of strength, support and laughter in your life: your sister/best friend(s).  No one is more important than the person you laugh, cry, wine, dine and/or run with and call first in times of joy and pain.  Here are some treats to show her she's the best of the best...

1) Eat, Pray, Love Soundtrack
I just saw the Eat, Pray, Love movie and dug it, although the book was better in my opinion.  Even so, the movie was visually stunning, Julia rocked, and the best part was the amazing soundtrack, which I think most gals would very much get into.  It's a mix of swoony crooning from Marvin Gaye, Eddie Vedder and Joao Gilberto (three very eclectic but powerful brands of sexy right there, ladies), favorite Neil Young classics (Harvest Moon = sigh), and a few kind of Euro-pop tunes thrown in for good measure.  In sum?  PERFECT music for roadtripping, yoga, or background music for an at-home date with your sweetie.  I'm hard pressed to think of a woman in my life who wouldn't love it.  Go old school and pick it up at the record shop, or download it from iTunes and give it on prettily decorated CDs.  All will love and play incessantly, I promise.

2) Keep Calm Journal
Journals are the quintessential gift for every woman.  We use them to pour out our emotions, dabble in poetry, make on-the-fly grocery lists, and capture those a-ha moments that hit us when we least expect them.  I've shown you the large Keep Calm and Carry On poster that hangs in my kitchen... it is kind of my mantra and I adore it and love the idea of a pocket journal to remind you of the same.  And red is the perfect color... easy to spot and fish out of your purse when inspiration strikes!

3) Fresh Sugar Plum Lip Treatment

The. Best. Lip. Stuff. Ever.  It tastes good, smells good, lasts forever and does amazing things to your lips, keeping them moist and supple, even in the midst of a New England winter.  The plum is a universally flattering shade that can easily replace 10 of your friends' old lipsticks, and on top of all that it has SPF.  It also costs $25, which is insane.  That most of us can't justify spending that much on lip product is what makes this all the more genius a gift.  Isn't the point of gift giving to indulge someone in a way that they wouldn't do for themselves? Love it.

4) Barefoot Contessa's How Easy is That?
You know of my deep and abiding love for Ina Garten; I need not gush further here.  This is her newest book, and although I don't own it (yet), I feel comfortable fully endorsing it.  All of my Barefoot Contessa cookbooks are the most used and loved on my shelf.  Her recipes are easy to follow, classic, and delicious, every one.  In this latest addition to the collection, she promises recipes which save time and avoid stress, but still give you a deeply gratifying end product in a way no 30-minute Meal can. I guarantee you all the busy home cooks in your life would love this book. Plus, I just want to reach out and squeeze her with that tray of parfaits.   Ina, I love you.  That is all.

5) La Vie Parisienne Earrings
Anytime a guy in my life asks for help picking a gift for his sweetie, I have but one thing to say: "When shopping for women, you can NEVER go wrong with jewelry."  Catherine Popesco of La Vie Parisienne may be one of my favorite jewelery makers of all time.  My two favorite pairs of earrings I own are both of her design: gorgeous turquoise and green drop earrings from my mother-in-law, and beautiful gold lattice earrings with tiny crystals in the center from my law school gals (thank you and thank you!!!).   Her delicate designs are special enough to dress up, but basic enough for every day.  I LOVE the Pacific Opal Swarovski Crystal Stone Drops pictured above, but literally every pair on her site and the one I link to above (which sells a great cross-section of her collection) are amazing.  I'd love to buy up the whole lot and give them to every pretty lady in my life.  For the quality and craftsmanship, they are incredibly affordable, and I recommend them highly for all the sistas on your list. 

With that, I must hit the sack.  It has been an epically busy day at Casa SMJ and I am frankly half asleep already.  More to follow, my dears.  I'm rather enjoying this virtual elfing.
Ho, ho, ho.

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  1. Thanks to this post, I selected the lip treatment for my sister-in-law and frankly, I was THIS close to also buying one for myself. Maybe I still will... ho ho ho! :-)