Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some of it's magic, some of it's tragic

Well, nothing is tragic really, but for some reason I've had that Jimmy Buffett line in my head all week, and of course even on a respite in Maine, life gives you its balance of good and bad.
- loading the car on Saturday solo in the pouring rain.  The volume of stuff I brought with me on this trip is insane.  Dog bed, bowls, food.  Baby chair, bouncer, changing menagerie, clothes, toys, diapers, bottle and feeding set up, formula, food, stroller.  And for me: two computers, my work bag, clothes, shoes, toiletries. Sheesh.  We need a tractor-trailer.  Or at least a Thule box.
- Baby J has been suffering an ear infection and some evil, evil teething for the duration of this trip.  I've been doing battle with an unwieldy dropper and a pink bottle of amoxicillin + Baby Tylenol.  Not fun.  And honestly, could those 4 teeth just pop through already?  I feel like they've been hanging out just under the gums making our lives miserable FOR. EVER.  Poor little guy.
- Stopping to do a feeding at the New Hampshire State Liquor Store on I-93.  It was the best and most accessible stop, and is clean and well lit. But there is something about feeding your baby in the lobby of a liquor store that just doesn't feel right.
- Apparently, Baby J no longer naps.  Awesome.
- Weaning is a bitch.  There, I said it.  Baby J doesn't seem to care that much, and when it is over, it will be better for everyone, but in the meantime, ouch.
- I've been a touch under the weather myself.  Could be exhaustion, or a reaction to the flu shot I got last week, or revenge of the family headcold, but I am just not quite right.  The longer we are here, the better I seem to feel, though.

- Oh, just about everything else.  For starters, check out my Maine home office:

Coffee: check, beloved Mac: check, delicious breakfast: check, streaming sunlight: check, ocean view: check.  I could get used to this.

- And let's zoom in on my brekkie, shall we?  

Beach Pea multi-berry scone with homemade raspberry-blackberry jam and Brazilian coffee, all served on my mom's drop-dead gorgeous pottery.  Fabulous.

- The sparkling stars in last night's sky + the blood orange of this morning's sunrise over the Atlantic absolutely took my breath away.  Stunning.
- Grandparent time = soul feeding, life affirming, energy replenishing, calming & soothing all at once.
- Family dinner with baby centerpiece= everything that is right in the world.
- Walking on the beach everyday = dreamy.

All in all, this trip is mostly magic.  There is just nothing quite like being "home" to make you feel special and safe.  Reuniting with the husband tomorrow will be magical as well!  Baby J has been on a "dadadadadada" rant, I think wondering just where the guy has gone.  Can't wait to get the fam back together back home tomorrow night!   We are VT bound!


  1. give baby j a cold whole carrot to gum. biting down on the carrot will put pressure on the gums and offer relief- and so will the cold. whole carrots were till's best teething toy. also, we use the homeopathic teething remedy and i swear by it!

  2. J-
    I love this entry so much. It is just so you, and I feel like I am with you on the water in Maine. Love to the entire fam.

  3. Okay, next time, PLEASE stop at 69 N. Spring Street, Concord to feed/chat/regroup rather than the liquor store on 93...tragic!!