Friday, November 20, 2009


So, as I mentioned, we are teething hell at the moment.  Baby J is mostly a champ about the whole thing, but he has been fussy and is so clearly uncomfortable.  He just wants to be cuddled and held right now, whereas usually he is Mr. Independent, hanging out playing with his stuff and not wanted to be tied down in our arms.  The husband was discussing this issue with one of the baby's daycare teachers at pick-up last week, when another mom overheard and interjected, "don't you have The Teething Tablets?"  The husband called me en route between the daycare and the co-op to inform me of this tip, and made a beeline straight for the natural remedies aisle, where he procured these priceless bits of loveliness.

Oh, the Teething Tablets!  Nectar of the Gods!  All parents must be informed of these magical pills. Says the Hyland's Homeopathic website, "This homeopathic combination of natural substances relieves the restlessness, peevish whining and irritability [associated with teething]."  ("Peevish whining." Love it. I can think of a few adults who could use these!) The bottle contains a warning that the baby may immediately fall asleep due to the instant relief.  Um, yes please!  No matter your opinion on alternative medicine, I highly recommend giving these a whirl if your little one is teething.  The tiny pellets dissolve immediately in the baby's mouth and contain a simple formulation of herbs that just seem to ease the discomfort like nothing else.  No frozen bagel or teething ring has the power to buy you a full night of sleep, which we all know is priceless.   I have made it my personal mission to spread the good word about this gem of a find.

What other products have gotten you through difficult rites of passage with your babe?  Let's share the wealth!

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