Friday, November 13, 2009

Seacoast Bound

Ahhhh.... the weekend is finally here.  The husband is headed to Chicago for work, and I decided this was the perfect time to abscond to Maine with Baby J for a little mini-vacation and grandparent time.  Crashing with my parents is the best.  They always take such good care of us, and they live at the beach.  They also happen to live in one of the best little corners of New England ever, right near the fabulous hidden gem that is Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  I honestly couldn't be more excited if I was off to Paris. After a slog of a month or so, this will be such a treat.  On my top 10 list for this little getaway:
1) A second birthday party for my cousins' beautiful daughter, thrown by parents who know how throw a great party!  I can't wait!  Happy Birthday lil' S!  Baby J can't wait to hang out with you and check out your legendary jumping castle!
2) Hanging out with my sister who will also be at home.  Spending most of the day in pajamas, going for a latte run, maybe perusing some outlets, procuring some things to cook a lovely dinner, and chatting the day away sounds just about perfect.
3) Perhaps a wee bit of shopping at Goody Two Shoes for Baby J, whose recent growth spurt finds him with a serious lack of socks. 
4) Take-out from Loco Coco.  Yummmm.  Can't get enough of their taco salad with grilled shrimp.  And their flan is life-changing (inasmuch as a custard can be). 
5) I sadly won't be traveling with the espresso maker, so mornings will find me at Breaking New Grounds for a perfect latte.  They are no competition for the husband though.  If the lawyer thing doesn't work out, he has a very promising future as a barista.
6) Picking up some beautiful fresh fish from here to cook up dinner.  We just don't get enough fresh seafood living in land-locked VT, and mama has a hankering for some halibut (I'll share my simple favorite preparation).
7) Next door to the fish market is the charming little wine shop called South Street and Vine.  They have the most amazing selection of cheeses and they let you try before you buy... love that!  They also have a great wine selection with some very special yet affordable finds; "wine for the table, not the cellar" is their motto.  I can't wait to sip some and chat with the family while we all prepare dinner. 
8) Whenever I am in Portsmouth, I love to stop in and check out what's new at Nahcotta, an amazing little gallery/gift shop downtown.  They always have the most unique pieces by local artists; a feast for the eyes!
9) I'll have to bring the husband some of his very favorite bread from Beach Pea Baking Company; a fougasse for him, and perhaps a mini-passion fruit cheesecake for me.  Because you only live once...
10) Long walks on the beach every day will be priority #1!  I can't wait!
Brace yourself, seacoast, here we come!

Pics are of my mom's rock art around my parents' home. 
I love the way she uses nature to create meaningful design;  very organic and easy on the eyes. 
Can't wait to hang out among the rocks!


  1. You're killing me this week. First the baby lashes and smiles, now the heart rocks and PNL latte runs. Killing me. Have a deserve it! Love, the homesick auntie:)

  2. rocks recall energy love solid transcendent
    flying without a car or plane
    nothing limiting about the heart