Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Healthy Little Treat

Holiday weeks, even with all their fun, sometimes leave us feeling a little run down and worked over.  The stresses of travel, the indulgences in food and drink, and the removal from our regular exercise and sleep routines can send our bodies reeling.  I find the best way to combat this phenomenon is to take small steps to take extra good care of myself along the way.  I try to double down on my vitamins adding extra C, to be sure and take a run or a walk whenever possible, and to make a point of staying well-hydrated, especially when I am on chef duty and sweating away in a hot kitchen.  My sister recently taught me a trick to make plain old tap water a bit more elegant and nutrient-dense, and you may recognize it from your last spa day or detox experiment.  I've been enjoying this yummy, healthy treat all week... simple, lovely cucumber water.
To prepare a batch, simply slice a cucumber, add the slices to a pitcher of water, cover, and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, strain the cukes out, and enjoy.  I've been making mine by adding a quarter of a cuke to a mason jar, and drinking straight from the jar as I go about my morning business.
Cucumbers have many health benefits: their alkaline properties combat the acidity common to so many holiday foods, and they are known to prevent water retention and bloating, while adding a dose of vitamins A and C to your water.  You could also add thinly sliced lemons to the water, and/or fresh mint.  Taking the time to make this delicious addition might make you more likely to reach for the agua and stay hydrated, and I find that these small nods towards self-care have a compounding effect.  If you feel like you are taking good care of yourself generally, you're more likely to go for that run, or get that extra hour of sleep that can make all the difference.  More simply, your guests may really enjoy this healthy beverage as well!
Happy, healthy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Love this idea! We drink lemon water at our house but this would be a nice twist on things. :-) Happy Thanksgiving (a day early) SMJ. Much love from Iowa!