Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So.  I've been blogging for just over two years now, if you can believe it.  In the beginning, this was something I stole little bits of time for when I could, between pumping at work and commuting two hours a day on treacherous Vermont highways, and learning to become a mom.  As time has gone on, I've become more attached to this little place where I can ruminate, create and share, and I've decided it is time to consciously put a bit more time and energy into this project*.  Now that I'm at home full-time, I have developed an ambitious list of blog-related housekeeping to attend to, and I've just tackled the first chunk of it and am eager to hear your thoughts!

For one thing, I wanted to make the site easier to navigate, particularly the recipe section.  I aspire to author a cookbook one day*, and thought organizing and indexing my recipes would be a good place to start.  Going back through 2+ years of cooking projects was so much fun (if slightly tedious), and it was surprisingly satisfying to compile my recipe index.  Better still, seeing that list of recipes makes me want to add to and diversify it, so expect more original recipes soon. You can find the recipe index in the new top bar under the blog header, and I hope you find it helpful to your cooking efforts!  If it looks like I've forgotten something or I can otherwise make it more user-friendly, please let me know!

Also in the top bar you'll find two other new sections: about and press.  I'm hoping to push forward some readership-increasing endeavors soon*, and if you're not my mom or college roommate (hi guys!), I figured you may want to know just who you are reading about when you land here.  As for the press section, it is somewhat modest right now, and I've put it up there more or less to challenge/taunt myself into actively working to be more widely published*.  I'd like to be more ambitious about my writing in general, and this is my way of throwing down the gauntlet at myself.

*Public declarations of intent are scary, but necessary to my competitive, A-type brain. I've found that the best way to produce results is if I challenge myself to do something and write down my intent.   Some of my favorite life gurus have lovingly pushed me to take my writing to "the next level", so here goes...
I could only dare to dream of sporting such a casually tousled up-do and delightful desk bouquet whilst plotting my omnimedia empire...


  1. Thank youuuuuu for the recipe index! One of my biggest holdups to trying more of your recipes has been losing track of them in the awesomeness of your blogs. This is a great way for me to go back and pick out the ones I've been meaning to try, not to mention the favorites that I've already discovered. Brilliant idea!

    ps. The Mex Comfort Mush is on the menu for tonight... stay tuned for our highly anticipated results! :)

  2. Go SMJ! I just made the curried beef stew last night. SO yummy and made the house smell like a dream.

  3. Just sending you my words of encouragement. You're doing a wonderful job & I know that SMJ will only get better. Big hugs to you xoxo

  4. What Jennifer said!!! Go Mama Go!!! And the stew was amazing. Gonna make it again for shabbat dinner to impress the rentals.
    So proud of you.

  5. Looks great, SMJ!! Very impressive! Full steam ahead!

  6. Thanks so much for your support, ladies... it means everything to me! Big love to you all...

  7. Your blogs have made me aware of the beauty of food. This morning as I was catching up on your latest, I noticed that the milk from my cereal had filled into a little star shape at the top of the blueberries. It was astonishing. Like looking at the stars at night.

    Thank you for two years of honesty about life's struggles and triumphs and of insight into making food so much more than just fuel. The trajectory of sweetmamajane has been steady, and now it sounds as if you are going to rocket. I'm with you all the way.