Monday, November 21, 2011

Beach Day

Bright and early Sunday morning, I bundled up to take the little man for a latte and muffin run while dad slept in.
I quickly realized we could both shed most of our layers, as it was going to be an absolutely gorgeous day.  With a predicted high of 65 degrees, we knew there was only one thing to do: pack up the car and head straight to the beach.
I love Crane Beach in Ipswich, MA for many reasons.  The flat, hard sand and wide expanse of coastline with only the shallowest of waves makes this the perfect beach for children to enjoy, and from October to April, dogs are welcome too.  The beach buildings and wide boardwalk steps are emblazoned with poetry to greet you.

And the smooth, blue water and endless sky just soothe my soul.
A boy, a dog, a stick: life is good.
Nothing like a couple hours of good, solid digging.
Chasing the waves.
My three boys. Love.
Living in New England, days like these are a beautiful gift.  Within weeks we'll be sitting inside watching the snow fall, and daydreaming of our late November day wearing flip flops on the beach.  I can't think of a better way to kick off this holiday week than to press pause on life for a moment and stare out at the water for the morning with my boys.
The best part?  Something about the sea air makes us all rest more soundly.
Here's to a peaceful, restful week for us all.

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