Monday, April 18, 2011

Riding the Bridesmaid Train

We returned to Boston late last Monday night from my dear friend's wedding in Brooklyn.  On Friday, family began arriving in Boston to celebrate my youngest sister's bridal shower.  The last ten days or so have been a blur of beautiful spring flowers, bubbly drinks, and smiling, tearful toasts interspersed with manic highway driving, housecleaning and dog grooming, and sprinkled with airport runs, and many a sustaining espresso and greasy egg sandwich. 

I wish I had captured more of both of these events on film to share, but I was blissfully living in the moment, tearing up the dance floor with the husband at the wedding, and gleefully downing mojito shots with the gals on Saturday night to send my sister off in a properly festive manner.  Today, I exhale, make charoset for twenty-five, and attend a Passover seder.

What better way to cap off this many days of utter debauchery than to enter the season of holidays celebrating relocation and rebirth (two of my favorite pastimes)?  I'll be back soon with tales to tell and recipes to share.  For now, please excuse me, I have a dozen apples to peel and grate.
Lots of springtime love, SMJ

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  1. Youngest sister's bridal shower?! I didn't know L was engaged!!! Give her a big smooch for me!

    Busy busy, life never slows down does it? Why don't they prep you for this in grade school? Glad you are grabbing moments in the midst of It (life) to enjoy!

    xx Ang