Thursday, April 28, 2011

Making Me Happy Right Now...

1) Deco Desire Candles smell of ripe mangoes, coconut and peaches, but in the most subtle and non-fruity way.  I've been burning one before bed and pretending I am falling asleep in a tropical paradise. Mine was a lovely gift from a lovely lady... thank you!
2) Dr. Hauschka Quince Day Cream = best lightweight daily moisturizer EVER (and I do not say this lightly).
3) Terranoble Sauvignon Blanc, found on the $7.99 shelf at Whole Foods, but tastes like it should be out with the good stuff in the fancy section.
4) Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Countertop Spray makes me actually enjoy constantly wiping down the kitchen counters.  How twisted is that?
5) My favorite new food blogger crush, The Yummy Mummy; love her gorgeous photography, clean recipes, and Santa Barbara lifestyle.
6) Her post about Royal Wedding Viewing Parties inspired me to make homemade flaky currant scones for tomorrow morning.  You won't see me with Union Jack cupcakes or wearing anything other than yoga pants manana, but one of these scones and a strong cup of English Breakfast tea sounded just about perfect for gawking at Kate's dress and the rest of the hullabaloo.
7) Warmer days mean spending hours at the park with him:
Life just doesn't get any sweeter than a kid on a bike.

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