Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Week In Photos

Oh, hello there. 
How has a week flown by since my last post?  
Things have been all kinds of busy.  I've been...
Loving that spring has finally arrived in Boston.
Chasing this guy and his fire engine around every park in town.
Helping this gal get married!  Loving her pre-wedding yoga and SportsCenter routine, Andy Cohen tee and "something blue" heels.  It has taken me three full days to even approach recovery from this blessed event.  Now THAT was a party!  Mazel Mr. & Mrs B!
Dealing with a wee bit of property crime.  I mean, really, who does this to a car with a carseat in it?  Bad, bad karma!
And baking peanut butter mini-muffins.  Because what could be more comforting on a rainy day?
What have you been up to?


  1. OMG, noooo to the car theft! Shame, shame on you, random burglar! I'm so sorry you have to deal with that. Damn right karma's gonna put out on this one. grrrr

    The blossoms look beautiful. The muffins look beautiful. Little man looks beautiful. So I guess in the greater scheme of things, you are coming out way ahead!

    ps. Oh, what have *I* been up to? I'm in the middle of sewing my best push up bra in to my strapless corset in preparation for this Friday's Gayla night out. I've rigged a bunch of fellow staffers to come on out & be fabulous with me, but realized that the breastfed duo was in serious need of some scoop & lift, hence the corset rigging. :)

  2. I saw the same post on EatLiveRun but didn't even THINK to do mini muffins....I might have to make some of those this weekend while Nick is away....naughty naughty! :-) Happy to hear that you are enjoying Spring & are feeling better.

    We dug up the plot for our garden this past weeken (while hungover...not advised, haha) Can't wait to share some pics with you.