Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Look Away

Just when we had the stomach flu beat and I was feeling ready to take on the world, my eye started to hurt.  Really hurt.  Fast forward through three days (one with almost no vision in my right eye), two emergency room visits, three kinds of eye drops, one kind of eye goop and a bottle of painkillers, and I sit here reporting to you with a "corneal ulcer", which is exactly as excruciating and nasty as you might imagine.  The above photo really doesn't do justice to the discomfort and general unattractiveness I am experiencing (although there is really no medical excuse for those unkempt eyebrows!).   I can't see very well, which is making typing and everything else quite difficult, so I am going to take a short blog break until my vision returns to normal and I am not in so much pain.

In the meantime, thanks go out to little J, who was really good and patient during our four-plus hour ER debacle yesterday, and to the husband, who is doing a phenomenal job of pretending I don't look like Sloth from Goonies.
This is pretty much an accurate depiction of how I am feeling.
Stay tuned for more when things go back to normal (the eye doc says that should be by the weekend).
Until then, I'll be here, trying not to frighten small children.
xo, SMJ


  1. How does something like this happen, anyway?! I hope you have some pain relief and that your eye heals quickly.

    Maybe now would be a good time to check in on the Dudes, give 'em a little fear in their lives.

  2. oh no! Feel better! Eye troubles are the worst:(

  3. I love you Jane...for feeling like crap and still making me laugh! xoxoxo Get Well Soon!