Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fantasy Nesting

Yesterday I visited a new friend's home for the first time. Secret admission: I love to visit other peoples' houses! The way someone chooses to decorate says so much about their personality and what they love. I believe a home is really a window into the soul. Plus, I love to be inspired by the choices others make with their space. Seeing little touches I wouldn't have thought of gives me so many ideas to steal in the future. The home I visited yesterday had me at hello in the entry way, with a simple red glass chandelier that took what is often a space just to pass through and made it into something special.  Another great thing in this house?  A small hallway-space that connected the dining room, kitchen and powder room was painted a gorgeous turquoise and equipped with a tidy downstairs changing table.  Again, a space that could have just as easily been nothing was made into something special and utilitarian to boot (because, really, who wants to shlep up a huge flight of stairs every time a baby needs a new diaper).  I had to restrain myself from whipping out my trusty purse notepad and taking notes for our future home.

As renters, we're putting a minimum of effort into changing this space.  We've hung our favorite artwork, and tricked out the rooms to make them safe, accessible and fun for the little guy. In warm weather, I plan to put much more energy into making our porch a great place to hang out with some inexpensive plants and the hopes that the husband allows me to live my dream of renting a power-washer from Home Depot and giving that wood the what for.   Other than that, we're saving our Martha-mojo (both energy and cash-wise) for a place that is truly ours.   In the meantime, it's fun to daydream and gather ideas from house visits like yesterday's and of course the endless shelter blogs of the interwebs.

Have you ever seen a brilliant blog called The Selby in Your Place?  It is one of my new favorites. Fabulous photographer Todd Selby visits the homes of interesting people (artists, chefs, actors and other creative types) and captures them in such a unique way.   I really loved a recent series he posted on the owners of San Francisco's cult-favorite Tartine Bakery, capturing both their home and their shop.
Besides making me miss San Francisco terribly and develop an irrational craving for croissants, the post made me think about lovely new ways to utilize our outdoor space.
I love that creative feedback loop that happens when you're allowed a window into someone's world.  
What's your favorite voyeuristic inspiration?


  1. soulemama's home is an inspiration to me, her kids' bedrooms and the toys there. i love picking up ideas for till on her blog. also, my bud kari's house is funky, hip, and fresh. she is a thrift master and her home is furnished with amazing treasures she's purchased for pennies at local thrift stores and garage sales.

  2. Darn you've given me another blog to stalk! ;-)