Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fantasy Fall Part 1

Fall is on the horizon, and along with the apples, pumpkins, cooler nights and switch from white wine back to red, come fall fashion and beauty products, all being heavily and cleverly marketed to the likes of me.  Okay, I'll bite.  Certain gentlemen I know like to have a fantasy football draft this time of year, so this is my version: Fantasy Fall Catalog... wherein I will "draft" my "picks" for fall greatness.  Hut, hut hike!  Or whatever.

Pick #1
Check out the 7 For All Mankind Featherweight Trouser in Deep Blue Black.  Oh quarterback, to be sure.  I love the color, love the drape, love the lightweight denim (because ever since having the baby, something in my metabolism has changed and I am ALWAYS roasting hot...can't bear the thought of normal-weight denim most days).  Love that I could wear these to chase little J at the playground and be the hip city mom I strive to be these days, but also dress them up for an evening out.  Top draft pick right here.
Pick #2
In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I love me a sequin" and the J.Crew Ciel étoilé cardigan delivers.  I love how delicate the sequins are... a little special, but not over the top.  I could wear it to take little J to music class in a "oh yes, I am wearing sequins before 10am on a Monday...bring it" kind of way, or I could pair it with my favorite costume-jewelry earrings and those QB trousers above for a night out with the chicas.  Very wide receiver and oh so pretty.
Pick #3
Remember when I told you about the Eat, Pray, Love branded collection at Fresh?  I was captivated by the description of the products (and, like the marketing sucker I am, my love for the book made me assume I would love the scents... makes absolutely no sense at all, but that is what they are banking on), but had not actually smelled them with my own shnoz.  Well, my fave playground for little J just happens to be a few blocks from Boston's Fresh store.  So recently, I "had to run to the restroom at Starbucks" and happened to cruise on by for a sniff.  OH MY.  I just swooned over "Love", the fragrance inspired by Bali.  Peeps, I think I have found my scent.  I think Fresh's genius marketers say it best, "This fragrance bottles the bright, colorful, anything-is-possible feelings of falling in love. Scents of passion, like percolating pheromones, sun-caressed skin, and salty kisses, are combined with the lush aromas of Bali’s exotic landscape".  Hells yes.  I couldn't stop smelling my wrists for an hour after my spritz.  I LOVE the floral, fruity, unabashedly flirtatious scent.  And at $32/bottle, this is more attainable than some of the other delicious but super-pricey scents on the Fresh roster.  Call it my cornerback of sexiness.
Pick #4
Last time I was a serious yogini, I had not yet had a baby.  As such, my small but formerly adequate collection of yoga tops no longer work for me.  As I recommit myself to my practice, I require something more forgiving and much more supportive than my spaghetti-strapped yoga tops of yore.  My favorite yoga teacher happens to be one of my nearest and dearest and also happens to be quite well-endowed in the boobage, and she swears by Athleta yoga tops to do the job and do it well.  I fancy this blue one with the cute, cute back.  Since it will help me get my buns back in shape, I will call it my tight end.
Pick #5
MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream is the offensive tackle on my wish list this Fall.  Like all MoroccanOil products, it smells like the love child of sandalwood and the beach, and works like a dream; tough enough to tackle even the roughest frizz!  After my last haircut, this was scrunched into my wet hair, and as it air-dried, the curls held beautifully. When a product is recommended by your hairstylist, InStyle Magazine and the best man from your wedding, you know it is a winner. 
Pick #6
This shirt would be my runningback; the workhorse, dependable, daily wardrobe pick.  J. Crew's Twist Knot T looks soft and comfy enough to wear all over town, yet there is an added cuteness with the twist that says, "see, I am making an effort."  It is affordable enough that you needn't be crushed if someone gets jelly on it and it comes in many cute colors, some of which would hide jelly spectacularly well (see "wild plum").

Apparently there are 11 people on the field per football team during a game, so my list is merely half-done.  Stay tuned for Part 2, which will feature my kicker (hint: ballet flats) as well as my linebacker.  Aw yeah.
In the meantime, tell me, what's in your fall line-up?

P.S. - I would like to dedicate this post to the husband, who endures my (often-wrong and ill-conceived) football analogies with good humor and minimal eye-rolling, and to my girl Sara Sully Goody who, though quite pregnant, is no doubt hosting the best fantasy football draft you've ever seen again and with style and flair as per usual (Jason, you're a lucky man).


  1. OOOO! I want that JCrew cardigan!!! Don't love the price though, or the fact that it would have chocolate or some sort of dip on it in about 5 seconds. A girl can dream though. Thanks Jane for the lovely eye candy! :)

  2. It comes in black! And the price is ridic... but hence the fantasy part :). xo

  3. Because I love Ann Taylor and her Loft :-) Marisa Windowpane Wide-Leg Trousers.

    Because I continue my love affair with all things cooking/baking related - The Rodale Whole Foods Cookbook

    And because I still love hats & my knitting isn't fabulous enough to do something with a brim.

  4. whatever is in my fall lineup, it's going to have to conceal the coffee I shnarf all over myself while laughing at your hilarious and adorable posts. p.s. anything that is comfy and says "see, I am making an effort" is a winner in my book.

  5. Love the curl cream rec! Thanks from another curly girl. And now I'm even more intrigued by the Eat, Pray, Love scents. Did you see the movie? I must say, I loved it. The twist-tee is great too. My list is getting longer and longer!

    These Old Navy cords are my current best things ever:

    I bought a pair in blue and they are so comfortable and affordable and fit so well, I just might buy them in red and yellow, too.

    Happy Fall!

  6. Adorable, Janey! I expect to see you sporting those lightweight jeans and sequin cardigan in November. Just don't wear them on the same day that I do! (cardigan in black for me, of course). ;)
    You've come a long way with the football jargon! LOVE this post and you.

  7. Product testing update: not only do I swear by Athleta, but I just ordered that exact top in of course the same color (duh, blue). I wore it to teach and finally felt like I was part of the club of all the other teachers with smaller boobs who wear those little adorable tops. The built in bra is actually a BRA. With HOOKS! Amazeballs. No side boob, no cleavage, nothing. Demo-ed inversions without fear of anything popping out. LOVE.
    Now off to buy the jeans! U rock, SMJ.

  8. Please report back re: jeans... they are still only fantasy players for me at the moment :). Love the input and suggestions and the LOVE ladies... keep it coming!

  9. I'm all about the scarf this season.

    Plus I'm going to end my 4 year high heel hiatus and add a little height this year.

    Oh, and my signature piece, of course: a puffy vest with faux fur lined hood. Black this year. :)

  10. clever clever clever