Friday, September 24, 2010

A Full Week

What a week:
  • We welcomed our dog back into the family.  With that comes adjustments to barking, a walking schedule, toddler-dog relations and more.  So happy to have him home, and so grateful to my in-laws for providing him a loving home when we couldn't.  Yay Louie!
  • Saw a horrific bike accident happen on a major Boston thoroughfare.  I still can't shake the image from my mind, and it really rattled me.  Not only is it stunning to see something so traumatic happen before your own eyes, but it really drove home the notion that life can change in a split second... an idea that becomes all the more fraught as a young mom, I believe.  I implore my cyclist friends to always, always wear your helmets (this fellow wasn't wearing one and it might have saved his life), and my fellow drivers to stay aware on road, especially during rush hour when people are tired from their day and not always as vigilant as they could be.
  • Had a lovely visit with Nana, Grandpa and Aunt Vickie, and got to be a tourist in my own town for a couple of days, which is always an eye-opening treat.
  • Became the owner of the Fresh Sugar Plum Lip Color I've coveted for a dog's age.  Hooray! 

    • Spotted what might be my first grown-up winter coat at Madewell:
    Love how the velvet trim evokes a little girl on the way to the Nutcracker for the first time.  Does this cancel out the grown-up-ness of the gray wool?  Am I just refusing to grow up here?  Please share your thoughts.
    • Took a bit of a blogging break as I ran all over town and caught up on work and life.  I primarily did this because my back is about to go out and I've been whiling my evenings away with painkillers and muscle relaxers, staving off spasms and hoping for the best.  While I am certain I could have cranked out some interesting posts for you in this state, I thought the better of it.
    • I had my First Blog-o-versary!  That's right, I've been at this for a whole year now.  This blog has become my creative space, my outlet for silliness and reflection, and my living journal, and it is made all the more meaningful by engaged and engaging readers. So, I just want to say thank you to all of you for your support for Sweet Mama Jane!  All of your comments, Facebook love, and in-person enthusiasm have kept me going when I am certain I am just talking to myself over here, and not always in the most coherent fashion.  Thank you and I love you!
    Have a wonderful weekend, and with a bit of arnica and a good chiropractor, I should be back in biz next week and cooking up a storm per usual.


    1. Wow! I'm impressed with a year of commitment to yourself and to us. Through an honest sharing of your ups and downs and in-betweens, you have helped us understand and accept our own. Please continue whenever you can. I'm a fan particularly of your philosophical musings. Thanks for all your energy, time, effort, and talent.

    2. Congratulations on your 1st year! Welcome back, SMJ. It has been such a gift to share this year with you. Looking forward to many more.