Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love This

Look who brought his "laptop" to the table so he could sit and "work" with me this morning...
I mean....
The best part?  He actually did sit and tap away at his computer while I did the same, and I got some good work done this morning!  I'll admit it: there are some days that working from home feels impossible at best, insane at worst. But then there are the days that everything just clicks... the boy is chill and entertains himself, I am well-rested and caffeinated and firing on all cylinders, and together we move through the day kicking ass and taking names.  Some days I feel like I am doing both of us the gravest disservice by trying to juggle everything, and some days it feels brilliant and right.  When little J brings his computer to come and work with me, I'd like to think that some little element in his brain is storing all of this away as having pride in a work ethic, but even if he is just mimicking me and it doesn't go deeper than that, I can't help but feel that there is some redeeming value to this situation.

I am blogging this so that on a less poetic morning, I'll remember that there are, in fact, days where it all comes together.  Every working mom out there is striving for balance.  I am starting to think that comes less in the form of some zen mindset that one can attain and hold day after day, and more in decidedly placing as much value on the good days as the bad, and knowing that most days fall somewhere in between.

And while we're discussing the quest for balance, I had to share this fun poster I saw last week in Paper Source (one of my favorite stores ever):
I adore my Keep Calm and Carry On poster... it anchors my kitchen and reminds me to breathe.  However, I love this send up of it as well.  A great reminder that NOTHING is ever to be taken too seriously.


  1. I totally hear you. Once in awhile a day comes together...

  2. there is something companionable about sharing a table and working together
    keeping each other company while traveling down individual paths
    mother and child
    like no other bond
    love and peace to you both