Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good Start

Question:  What do you do when your baby has been up since 3:30am for no apparent reason, it is rainy and dreary outside, and you have a long day of work ahead?
Answer:  You make a killer breakfast and start turning the day around.

In our fridge this morning was a delightful remnant of a beautiful dinner out: ramp butter.  Someone with phenomenal self-control (husband) removed this bit of decadence from the top of his steak before eating it, and someone with no shame (me) asked to have it packed up.  I am sorry, but I am not going to stand idly by and watch a huge slice of RAMP BUTTER get marched off to the trash for no good reason.  Pack that baby up!  Ramps (aka wild leeks or spring onions) are only in season for about a month or so in the late spring, and are so incredibly delicious, with a flavor that is a hybrid of garlic and onion.  I love the idea of making ramp butter in order to savor the flavor into the summer and fall.  In the meantime, this lovely leftover was to be the cornerstone of my day-changing brekkie. I was also inspired by Smitten Kitchen's Scrambled Egg Tutorial, leftover grilled tomatoes from this weekend's grilling adventures, and the need to put a hop in my step with some iron by adding a large handful of spinach to my day ASAP.  So....
I melted some of that ridiculous ramp butter in my pan.
Added a large handful of baby spinach and about a cup of the grilled tomatoes (more than necessary, but figured I'd polish them off, as a new weekend of grilling is nearly upon us).  I let that cook down for a bit.
Here we have one whole egg and one egg white.  I beat them with a fork, and poured them over top.  
Added a couple slices of low-fat sharp cheddar that also needed cleaning up (just doing my part), and scrambled away.
Meantime, I made 3 wee slices of toast, and spread the rest of the ramp butter on top.  Yessss.
I topped the whole thing with my veggie scramble.  This is not the prettiest breakfast I have ever made, but it is far and away one of the most delicious.

With a strong, strong cup of coffee (okay, 2 cups) and a big bottle of water, this breakfast has set me straight.  I am a run and a shower away from feeling that all is right with the world once more.  That's the power of a good breakfast.


  1. Drooooooool.....

    - Auntie A.

  2. I love your positive thinking and your delicious looking breakfast!

  3. needed a smj break to go with my latte...
    feeling equally as cloudy this morn. thanks for being here.