Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As our moving date approaches, my head swims with possibilities for our new city life.  I can't wait to make our big porch an outdoor oasis, get my hands on some legit Thai, Indian, Japanese, Cambodian and Cuban food (all available in our new neighborhood, all very hard to come by in Vermont), and to spend a lot less time in the car.  In Vermont, my commute to work was nearly an hour each way, and we'd need to spend at least a half hour in the car to do any sort of serious shopping.  Now, we'll be 2 blocks from public transportation, and in a very flat, walkable neighborhood.  For the health of my wallet, bum and carbon footprint, I'm very excited.  I'd love to be able to do most of my day to day errands on a bike.  My current bike is a mountain bike from college that I don't see being all that practical for city errands.  I've long had my eye on a cruiser bike, but can't really justify one when I do have a perfectly good cycle on my hands already.  Until now.  Target to the rescue!  Check this out:
Hello, Schwinn Legacy Cruiser bike, on sale for $99 at the one and only Target.  I love the saucy red and white colors, the whitewall tires and the stellar reviews it receives from all who have purchased it.  Discount Target Cruiser, you will be mine.  Now all I need to do is fashion it with a baby seat in the front, some baskets for my goodies in the back, and I will be a lean, green, city-errand-running machine, gleefully pedaling my haul of organic coffee and Pad Thai takeout all over town!

I admit I am gleaning my current bike inspiration from a Dutch friend of the husband's who is visiting us this week and has told us all about the far healthier lifestyle in his country, where most people commute by bike.  Check out rush hour in his home city:

How cool!


  1. omg, your new bike is siiiiick! Love. It.

    And also Love the video clip in your blog - on two levels. Super sweet clip itself... can you just imagine if US roadways looked like that during commute times? Badass. And secondly, love that you brought a vid clip to your blog. I feel like we're on a whole new level now.

    Excellent blogging, my friend!

  2. Jane - since I am a lover of blog giveaways (yours being the first of now three)- you should participate in this groovy contest -
    and win yourself a new ride.

  3. Thanks, Meghan! Let it be known, I still have a big scar on the underside of my chin from a spill I took biking home from your house in Holland :). I consider it my lasting souvenir of our year abroad!

    And thanks CC -- your blog love warms my heart.

  4. Very cool. Reminds me of my days studying abroad in Germany when I rode a second-hand (if not fourth or fifth hand) bike in a flea market for 5 Marks and used it to get EVERYWHERE. Made for some very.... interesting rides after bar hopping, but it was so worth it.

    Have fun!
    And for the record, I'm officially jealous.

  5. just a word of caution... babies are heavy- make sure your new cruiser has gears so you can haul a trailer or baby seat plus groceries. does the jp have hills? i have a coaster cruiser with a baby seat on the back at the ranch for st. helena errands, and even that mostly flat landscape has me huffing and puffing with till on board. in angwin, i attach our bike trailer (awesome for groceries!) to my mtn. bike and can take on most any hill or trail. maybe you need the cruiser AND the mtn. bike...