Friday, April 30, 2010

Boho Cultivation

As we look at funky apartments in funkier neighborhoods, I've decided that in this next incarnation of my life, I am going to really need to cultivate my inner bohemian.  I plan to find new and innovative uses for things like glass jars and bottles, burn lots of candles, and perhaps take on some sort of unplaceable, Madonna-esque faux accent.  I am also working on costuming and decor ideas.
To this end, I've used the last of my Christmas gift card stash to procure this maxi-dress from Banana Republic.  With an arm of bangles and some strappy sandals, I think this will be the cornerstone of my new boho style.  Nevermind that it is from Banana Republic; let's overlook that for now.
I also spied these gorgeous earrings by Babette over on Cup of Jo.  These "zen hoops" are made with antique French beads, and I think they are the perfect accessory.
My friend in Brooklyn has a knack for finding funky lanterns at street fairs and flea markets and making them awesome.  Get ready to get your hunt on, Mama S... I'm thinking our outdoor space needs to have a distinctly Moroccan vibe.
Now all I need is to serve homemade sangria in Mason jars while playing the music of some sort of really obscure instrumental virtuoso from some very far away country. 
I'm also going to have to learn how to do this with my hair.
I have my work cut out for me.


  1. oops... i just bought those hoops! love that hairdo too- it's easy, you can totally do it. just french braid some pigtails, then fold the ends up and under each other with bobby pins. i wore my mop that way to the last two weddings i attended. you got style SMJ!

  2. I've attempted that hairstyle a few times, but have only mastered it once. It's all about getting the part placement in the right spot!