Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kiss of Sunshine

I've always been a blue girl.  I love blue sweaters, blue glass, turquoise jewelry, teal accent pieces and generally all things aquamarine.  Certain friends have even been known to call me Blue as a nickname.  But this spring, I'm finding myself drawn to yellow, which goes along quite well with this week's theme of focusing on the positive. 
What is more cheery than yellow?
I pass this forsythia on my run everyday, and it never fails to make me smile in all its wild beauty.
And I love the idea of painting a kitchen a warm, buttery yellow.
Photo from Apartment Therapy - Love the contrasting colors and the Coltrane poster.
I'm warmed by the notion of sipping coffee in such a happy and inviting space. 
And you could then go to town with accent pieces in green, which happens to be the hub's favorite hue.
I spotted this multi-media piece in my favorite local gallery, Nahcotta.  I don't know if you can see the dimension in the asparagus spears and the string, but it is fabulous.  I think this would look gorgeous in my yellow dream kitchen.  BTW, have you ever photographed art in a gallery with a 25 lb. baby strapped to your front trying to grab the camera, a bag full of naan and Kombucha in one hand, and the camera in the other?  My strength training workout is done for the day, thank you.
   I'd serve strong espresso in these Anthropologie mugs.
And paint the inside of the pantry door a funky turquoise...
...because once you're a blue girl, you're always a blue girl.


    I'm beginning to wonder about separation at birth... ;)

    I dig the asparagus piece!!

  2. When in doubt, go blue!!!! Love you, Blue. So fabulous to finally connect live. Keep on truckin', Mama J.

  3. Love the pictures! You can never go wrong with blue!


  4. Blue rules! Especially in the kitchen. I have blue tiles, blue dishes, blue spatulas...

    Auntie A.