Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Stuff

In the midst of all the house-hunting and other assorted moving-related chaos we're wading through right now, I am working hard to stay focused on the important things in life: my family, my friends, my work and my bloggy blog.  SMJ is my creative outlet, my little space for me, and no matter how busy things get, I try to make time to sit down and ruminate, write and share.  This is what feeds my soul.  I also want to keep growing and evolving this space into something bigger and better, and to that end, I've had some good stuff happen lately. 

I am really excited to share that I've been chosen as a Foodbuzz Health Contributing Editor!  Foodbuzz is launching a new Health Section, and has picked an interesting cross-section of health professionals and health-interested laypeople to write for them.  I'm among the health hobbyists who will be contributing weekly to this section.  It is all still a work in progress, but starting next week, look for Health tags on my posts which will link back to and be posted on this Health page.  Foodbuzz is looking for posts on diet, fitness, and recipes and I have so many ideas, but I want to hear from you!  SMJ readers, what health and wellness related topics would you like to hear about?  I'd love to know.  Please comment or e-mail me at sweetmamajane@gmail.  Thanks for any thoughts you have to share!
I've also recently reconnected with a friend from growing up who has her own organic farm in Maine near where my parents live. We're going to work together to come up with recipes for her CSA newsletter, which I'll also share here on SMJ.  I hope to make a photo field trip to her farm soon to share the visual beauty as well.  Let me say that the town where we grew up is NOT a farming sort of a place, so I am especially impressed and inspired by her doing this all on her own.  You go, Laura!  I can't wait to feature her and her gorgeous produce here, and to work with her to share some truly seasonal, special recipes with you.  Head's up: she tells me she's going to be long on kale, so get ready for some kale-riffic cookin'. 

I'm hoping this new focus on health leads to great new recipes, interesting new work outs to try and a vibrant, vital to start to the spring and summer.  I'd love to hear more about what your healthy inspirations are right now, so please drop me a line!


  1. That is awesome Jane. You truly amaze me with your ability to balance work, motherhood, being an amazing wife, daughter, sister and friend and on top of that you have time to write such beautiful things and really cook well and healthy for yourself and your family and take on lots of adventures.

    Keep it up sister. You are a true inspiration and this pregnant lady needs to get back to cooking healthy and seasonally so I am looking forward to more wonderful SMJ recipes.

    Love and miss you (and your cooking) more than you know.

  2. Woohoo! Much deserved. I like to read a good handful of blogs and your writing is head and shoulders above the rest.
    Ok, here is a new recipe I tried last week and used kale. I added some shallots to the apples while sauteeing and some apple cider while cooking the kale. Also tossed in some apple chicken sausage. Didn't use parsley and cut up apples smaller than recipe called for. Little one and big ones loved it.

  3. Thanks, Ladies!
    And Meghan, that recipe looks awesome. Will try it ASAP.