Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Fun

To cap off a deliciously decadent week in the world of Sweet Mama Jane, I have many fun and random things to share with you this fabulous Friday.  The first is another gift suggestion, for those of you with small children on your list.  I love the line of clothes made by hand from Damestar Baby in Calistoga, CA.  This is the small business of two crafty stay-at-home moms (gotta love that), and each piece if unique and has a vintage-y handmade feel.  Check out their blog for tales of their friendship and life as wine country mamas, and their Etsy shop to purchase one of their creations.
Also on the gift-guide front, here's a brilliant find: convertible fingerless cashmere mittens.  These are perfect for those of us who live in chilly climates, but need use of all of our digits when out in the snow: for putting on little mittens and hats, clipping and unclipping dog leashes, or compulsively texting, depending on your personal situation.  I got a pair as a shower gift (thanks, Mom!) and they have already made my winter.  I feel elegant with the softness of the cashmere, but can still tie down the ear flaps on Baby J's hat without having to take off and drop a mitten in the snow.  Good stuff.  Any mama or texter would adore.
On the food front, here's a fun and affordable appetizer idea for your upcoming holiday party or potluck from a great food blog called What's for Lunch Dot?: Colorful Potato Cups.  They look simple to make and absolutely delectable.  We have no upcoming party to speak of, but I may have to make a tray of these just for the husband and me to sit and polish off over his next Patriots game.  And I love her idea to embellish them with caviar ($$$) or bacon ($) if you are feeling fancy.  Brilliant.

Finally, what's more fun than pizza night?  We're currently way into the homemade stuff, which is much cheaper and more fun than dialing up our favorite place downtown.  Don't be afraid of making your own dough!  Kneading and punching is a fabulous way to let out the pent up aggressions of your work week, and the result is so satisfying.  My favorite dough recipe is from the Joy of Cooking.  I use 2 cups of all-purpose flour and 1.5 cups of whole wheat, and it yields a chewy, wholesome crust we love. Get creative with your toppings!  Veggies galore, a white pizza with fresh basil and multiple amazing cheeses, a barbequed chicken pizza with shredded rotiserrie chicken and bbq sauce instead of marinara, and just a classic pepperoni are each household favorites.  We'll be celebrating a Friday night in with one of these babies and a roaring fire this evening.

Finally, I used this nifty online Random Integer Generator to determine the winner of the
Lunaroma giveaway.
The lucky and soon to be deeply moisturized winner is Moss Acupuncture!!
Thanks to everyone for playing.  Stay tuned for another fun giveaway next week.
Happy Friday!


  1. Thank you SMJ and Lunaroma! I can't wait to try the famous cucumber rosewater facial cream. xoxo

  2. Sweet, indeed, Mama Jane!! Thanks for the shop props. I love how craftily you put together kids' clothes, cashmere and pizza! You've earned yourself some new followers... ;)