Thursday, December 10, 2009

First Blog Giveaway!

Happy Thursday, everybody!  I am so excited!  Thanks to my lovely friends at Lunaroma, today I offer you my very first blog giveaway, just in time for the holiday season!  I've written about Lunaroma before (here, here and here), and I know I will again and again; this is one of my favorite stores in the world.  Lunaroma is an "aromatic apothecary" based in Burlington, Vermont (they also just opened a store on Maui, where I would very, very much like to work).  They make handcrafted beauty products from pure essential oils, as well as perfumes and products for the home.  This beautiful, purple store is so special; anyone I have ever brought there, a) accidentally spends way more money than they had planned to, so irresistable is just about everything on the shelves, and b) comments on the quality of the things they buy, the uniqueness of the products, and how soon they want to go back.  A box of Lunaroma products would be an amazing gift for anyone on your list.  Order online, and they ship their products beautifully wrapped and ready to be opened and adored. 
Today is your chance to try my all time favorite Lunaroma product yourself! 
Lunaroma is giving one lucky Sweet Mama Jane reader a jar of their
Cucumber Rosewater Facial Cream!

This cream is deeply moisturizing, hydrating and soothing for delicate sensitive skin. It smells amazing and smoothes on lightly, absorbing quickly to leave your face feeling you just got a very fancy facial.  A jar of this cream would be a special treat for your winter-ravaged skin, or a great gift for someone on your list!

To enter to win, visit Lunaroma's website and then leave a comment below and tell me why you'd like to try this product this holiday season.  You have until 5pm EST tomorrow to leave your comment.  I'll pick a winner at random after work during happy hour!
Good luck!

Baby J says, "I love the Cucumber Rosewater Facial Cream. It's the next best thing to a sweet potato facial!"


  1. HOW much fun are you, mama J?!! I wholeheartedly agree with your testament to Lunaroma... I remember the day a bunch of us trekked up to Burlington and stopped by the shop... I left with a few items that I still use to this day! I did just re-visit their website and am psyched for their Mama/Baby line... oh boy, look out pocketbook!

    To that end, I would like to try this product because, at 9 months preggo, I most acutely feel the tiredness in my face. Some days it feels like my face is going to droop right off my body. Lovely, right? Maybe this lotion could give me that perky mini-facial pick-me-up.

    Oh, and LOVE Judah's newest happier-than-happiest-baby-evah pics!!! SUCH a sweetheart, LM!!!

    Keep up with the excellent blogging. You rock.

  2. yay for giveaways! i would love to sample this lovely lunaroma delight! thanks sweet mama jane...

  3. Well I would like to win & try this product for a few reasons. 1) Somehow I was ROBBED of the chance to visit the store in Burlington while I lived in did we not discuss this while I lived there!?! 2) My face is wind-chapped from being out in the blizzard yesterday shoveling my driveway. And 3) I really just want to try one of your all time favorites! :-)

  4. count me in!
    i was just complaining last night about how my skin feels "too tight" this week. we are having an unseasonably cold week here in san fran and my skin is itchy - help, lunaroma, save me!
    thanks, mama jane!

  5. Sweet Mama Jane to the rescue! I would love to try lunaroma's product for several reasons: 1. Given SMJ's penchant for fabulous local products, anything she endorses is usually a slam dunk.
    2. This cold snap we're having is making my face feel like sandpaper.
    3. I am missing Vermont in all her Winter glory. I would love to support a new Vermont product and share it with my friends in San Francisco.
    Thanks Sweet Mama Jane and Lunaroma!

  6. I would love to try it so I can look as young and cute as that adorable little baby!!!! That and the fact that the heat is KILLING my skin.


  7. Yes please! I would love to try this sweet facial cream b/c 1. I live in VT and my skin shows it 2. I had to shovel a lot of snow yesterday (?) 3. I know its going to be amazing since its one of your faves. Thanks to SMJ and Lunaroma!!

  8. I would love to try this product. My face is always so dry in the winter, and my current lotion works for about an hour, then seems to quit. I hope I win!

  9. SMJ,

    I have only used Oil of Olay since I was 12. My mom used it, grandma, and great grandma. you get the picture. Latley though my face has had a bad reaction to it. After so many years of my perfect staple daily face lotion, I am now left dry and rough on the face. I would love to try some of that good old all nature VT face love in a bottle. Who knew at 24 your face decided to change it's chemistry?

    Ps have you tried Lunaroma Cucumber Rosewater Soothing Eye Gel? I need some help in this cateogry too!

  10. Sweet Mama J:

    Love what you've been doing with the blog. I tend not to follow blogs or pages or people's online journals, but you have made it so interesting that I can't stay away! Keep up the good work.

    I would love to try to "win" this product so that my wife could try it. I know she, as well as the majority of women, love their skincare products and try a variety of new ones each year hoping to find the perfect one. Based on everything you've said about Burlington, Vt's own Lunaroma this may be the one for her. I'd love to be able to give it to her this Holiday Season for multiple reasons. I think the natural/organic properties are much healthier for the environment and her skin - esspecially since they lack all that chancer-causing good most products contain. Finally I'd love to give her something that, well as you describe it: "makes you feel like you've been to a spa". The next few months will be stressful for her and I'd like to give her something to look forward to when she gets home/before she goes to bed.

    Okay, so I think that explains why I'd like to try to "win" this product. Again, great job with the site, keep up the good work and you're doing a great job by that cute little baby!

  11. Mama J, I love this blog reader-participation--what a great idea!
    I would LOVE to try this product because... 1. I am a Vermonter who has yet to experience Lunaroma; 2. My Southern face cannot handle the New Enland weather on its own; 3. You have never let me down with any local product, activity, or restaurant suggestions, so I am sure this stuff must be amazing!; and 4. I am not one to post on a blog... and I just did!

  12. Yay! Give-aways are great. I'd love to try this product because it seems, despite all my efforts sometimes, I can't rid my beauty product shelf of icky cancerous chemical-laden monstrosities. Even the "natural" stuff tends to toe the line between safe and mysteriously wacked out. Lunaroma seems to get it completely, so they are definitely worth a try.