Monday, December 21, 2009

Amazing Grass

It's that time of year... stress is high, energy is low, and nutrition sometimes falls to the bottom of the priority list.   Around here, we have some additional health-stress factors we're dealing with, namely: Baby J is going through a teething phase which involves waking up and wanting to hang out between 3:30 and 4:30am, and we have a daycare-cold which keeps bouncing back and forth between mom, dad and the little guy.  Bottom line: I just can't seem to get my energy back, and boy, do I need it.  Going from that 4:30am put-down to the 6:30am wake-up call and then needing to wake up and work and function all day is a challenge which calls for special reinforcements.  I speak often of my abiding love of espresso, but sometimes that is a jarring transition from asleep to awake, and it also makes for an inevitable crash later on.  I've been looking for something that will give me lasting energy and complete nutrition, which isn't loaded with caffeine or sugar, and which is a legal substance... no small task.  However, I think I have found it; ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my new best friend, Amazing Grass.

I read a lot of health and wellness blogs, and Amazing Grass has a cult following in that world.  There is a trendy breakfast drink called a Green Monster, which involves blending up some of this magic powder with greens and ice, and you can also take it straight up with some water or milk of your choice (soy, almond, hemp, etc.).   So what exactly is this stuff, you ask?  Well, there are several variations: according to their website, Amazing Meal is a powerful and satisfying blend of Green SuperFoods, plant based protein, phytonutrient rich fruits & vegetables, digestive enzymes and probiotics; Green SuperFood is a perfect blend of alkalizing greens, antioxidant rich whole food fruits and vegetables, immune boosting support herbs, and friendly pre & probiotics (it comes in chocolate and acai/berry flavors); and they also make several kinds of whole food energy bars, as well as straight up wheatgrass powder, and a kid's blend!

I've long wondered why these products are all the rage in the health blogosphere, but not among the mamas.  Who else is more exhausted and in need of healthy energy and easy whole food meals than we are?  Also, added bonus:  I've been thinking that I need to get serious about taking off this baby weight in the new year, and an Amazing Grass smoothie is beyond nutritionally complete and keeps me full for an entire (extremely) active morning, at about 150 calories.  This could be the key to finally making a dent in this extra poundage.  And I know what you are thinking, all this grassy, green goodness must taste like sucking on a lawnmower bag.  I am happy to report that is most definitely not the case.  Every variety I have tried thus far has a really pleasant flavor and easy-to-swallow texture.  In fact, this stuff is quite delicious.

Mamas everywhere, this is our elixir!  And non-mamas, I think this product is brilliant for anyone who wants to add healthy energy to their day.  And really, who doesn't?

The people at Amazing Grass were kind enough to send me a great variety of these products to sample, and I want to share the love! If you are interested in getting a care package of Amazing Grass samples, leave a comment below.  I'll pick one lucky Grass recipient on Wednesday morning, and stick a package in the mail in time for you to be rescued from your post-Christmas malaise! Nothing says holiday like green superfoods, my friends.


  1. Hey there Mama! Love, love, LOVED your christmas card! I would definitely like to try some of this. I, myself am once again battling the pounds and will be in full force Jan 1st! Pick me! :-)

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Love ya xoxo

  2. We're in! Love wheat grass and we, too, are just getting over fighting many various foreign and domestic baby illnesses!

    Happy New Year up there!

  3. Hey SMJ! Thanks for giving me something fun to read on my day off! I would love some more energy in my life! I've been rotating day and night shift for a lil over a year now and it's a butt kicker. My body never knows when to be awake or asleep. I haven't been able to get into coffee so an alternative that is healthy and can help me get going would be great! Hope all is well! Tell the boys hey for me! ~Katie Miller

  4. Ok, I'll bite... a little sample, that is! As I stand on the precipice of birth/breastfeeding/and all things mamahood, I def. get the impression that I need all of the nutritional support I can get...!!

    Hope you are doing well & again, props for a blog with giveaways! HOW fun are you?!!! :-)

  5. And another thing while I'm here... I love the pictures that you take for your blog! Not only are the recipe instructions that much more interesting/clear with your visual aids, but shots like the one above are done like a pro! You have a great eye behind the camera - keep up the great work! (And lots of LM photogenic cuteness!!)

  6. Sweet mama J,

    I also loved the holiday card! Best one yet. Also i received a package today...from you?

    Anyway we watch FOOD Inc. last night and was taken back by what we have been eating all these years. I would really love to make the commitment of eating organic, non GMO food. So we are starting with meat. Also with all these bad gene digestive issues i think it would be just better for everyone if i ate less red meat and more healthy fruits and veggies! this would be a great way to start the day and a healthier food intake diet. And this girl needs more energy in the morning. One day I hope to have enough to wake up EARLY and run. yeah i bet my brother will laugh when he hears that one. But its a goal!

  7. I NEED MORE ENERGY!!!!!!!!! Pick me! Pick me! I have 3 teenage daughters & 1 three year old son (all of whom think they know EVERYthing!!!)...I am exhausted from dealing with all of them! And now, with the holiday season on top of our already hectic's just put me over the edge! I'm ready to try something new & healthy that has a positive affect on me, and therefore everything around me!! =) Thanks so much!

  8. mmm mmm love me some grass. maybe it will increase my fertility :)

  9. Is it greedy to enter another SMJ contest? Can't help myself...I need some green lovin'. Need to keep my immune system up to snuff for all my patients. Thanks for another great find!