Friday, May 30, 2014

Goings On

Sometimes life is best captured and summarized by the omnipresent lens of the iPhone.
On this lovely Friday, I want to share some of our good goings on...

The boys and I have been hard at work on a little DIY project, and I think we'll finally wrap it up this weekend.  I'm going to do a whole post on this little adventure.  It has been satisfying, frustrating, and educational for all.

In the eleven years that I have been together with my husband, he has grilled some really incredible meals.  However, this was hands down the best dish that he has ever made me in over decade and proof of why I will never again fit into the jeans I wore when we first started dating.
He spice rubbed and cooked these baby back ribs for four hours in the slow cooker, then grilled them, basting them with this Mongolian sauce that we usually use on tofu. Holy hell.  No words. Try this ASAP and prepare to have your mind blown.

We ran out of bread yesterday, and there was never a good time to get to the store.
We were, however, stuck at home during the baby's nap, so J and I made homemade whole wheat sandwich bread while he slept.  This basic recipe is perfect for cooking with kids, with easy ingredients and flawless instructions.  The house smelled so incredible.  This was well worth the effort, and much more satisfying than a Trader Joe's run.  J was pretty pleased with himself to boot.

Weeknight up drink.  Because Wednesday.
Vodka shaken with ice, fresh lemon juice, and a little splash of homemade rosemary simple syrup.  Herbaceous and calming.
Happy Wednesday to me.

I need to share my new all-time favorite comfy pants, which I recently received in the best ever  Anthropologie care package, which literally made my entire Spring.
These Slubby Tapered Joggers are so, so comfortable and actually cute, a rarity in the world of sweatpants.  My husband actually complimented me on them.  Crazy.
Sweatpants attractive enough to garner praise, presentable enough to wear to the store, and cozy enough to never want to take off = the holy grail.  

When I came across this little gem, I started laughing, and haven't been able to stifle the giggles over it since.  Enjoy.

Happy Friday!


  1. I've bookmarked the bread recipe. This is one thing that I haven't mastered yet & would so lve to be able to make our own sandwich bread. Now all I have to do is find the time to attempt this with a 3 month old.... :-)

    1. You can do it! Do you have a stand mixer? It cuts the hands on time to almost nothing. You set the dough hook kneading and a timer for 10 minutes, and you're done! The trickiest part is being home long enough to tend to all the rising, but with naps it can actually work out perfectly. Let me know if you give it a whirl. xoxo