Monday, July 9, 2012

Drink of the Summer

If I were to set about creating my ideal summer beverage, I would have several wishes: the drink would be hydrating and refreshing with fringe health benefits, it would have a caffeine kick without leaving me jittery, and it would taste fantastic, with a slight sweetness and maybe a nutty or bitter edge to round it out.   Purely delicious.

As it is, I've been starting my day with iced coffee so that I can get my sluggish preggo buns in gear and keep up with the little man all morning.  Then I periodically hydrate throughout the afternoon with coconut water; rich in potassium for energy and muscle maintenance, and as hydrating as any sports drink, it is my summer elixir.  Together with lots of water, these beverages fuel my day.  On a really good day, espresso is an upgrade for the coffee, and then life is perfect. So imagine my intense glee when I spied this in the cooler case of a local bakery:
Stop the presses.
Espresso Coconut Water.

Honestly, if I were a millionaire and could commission my personal signature beverage, this is exactly what I would create.  There are basically three ingredients: organic, fair trade espresso, pure coconut water, and a bit of low fat milk.  The drink is absolutely perfectly energizing, giving you the pick-me-up of a nice, strong coffee, but with that cell-quenching feeling you get from chugging an electrolyte drink after a really phenomenal workout.  The creator is a surfer yogi who knew what he was going for in formulating this perfect buzz for the active person. Check out the promotional video, and swoon further...

Now that I'm turned on to this product, I'm seeing it everywhere: in our local cafes, at the grocery, and even in the beverage section of Target.  And because the creators of this product seem to live inside my brain and want to make my life perfect, it is even priced more reasonably than both straight coconut water or an Americano at your local coffee joint.  Imagine, the perfect pre-or-post workout drink, individually packaged and ready to go in your fridge, for less than you would pay to roll out to the cafe and buy a coffee on your way to yoga. If the box could give me a foot massage, my life would truly be complete.

If you are a coffee drinker and a coconut water lover, you've got to track down a box of this stuff, stat.  And if you are a coconut hater, try it anyway!  The smooth espresso really tamps down that primal coconut water flavor that some find unpalatable.  You can order Coco Cafe online, and it is also carried at Whole Foods, but keep your eye peeled for it elsewhere, as we have nary a WF in sight up here, and I've now seen it at least four different places.  I'd love to hear what you think of my perfect summer drink!
Cheers and Happy Monday!

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