Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Friday: From my Phone

This Random Friday, here is our week as captured by my iPhone...
Even a trip to the grocery store is an adventure.

Tired, rainy, sicky sweatshirt time.  This pic kind of says it all about the last two weeks.

Child labor.

Bright lights, pale skin, round belly: solo maternity shopping is not for the faint of heart.

Challah Day!  This photo says it all about why I love baking with the little guy.  The look of enthralled pride on his face is completely priceless.

Wishing the loaves a successful second rise.

Voila!  The house smelled completely insane.

Fresh challah means challah french toast and blueberries for dinner.  Stoked!

I'm looking forward to a weekend of catching up on moving projects, getting back to a normal, healthy routine, relaxing and spending time with Boston friends before we depart.
Wishing you a happy weekend!

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  1. Love the photo update on this random Friday! Wishing you a happy weekend too :-)