Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Friday

This week had an absolutely random, mismatched, daydreamy feel to it, and so I thought I'd end the week in this theme, with some little bits and pieces from my camera phone and around the interweb that I've loved...

1) Winter entertainment gratitude.
Doing some reading at our local branch of the Boston Public Library.
I've appreciated and enjoyed our mild weather so far this year, but even with the lack of snow, there have been some freezing days where I'm grateful for all the free indoor fun this city has to offer: the Children's Rooms at our local branches of the BPL, our newly opened neighborhood rec center and its three days a week of open gym time for tots, the local cafes where people are tolerant of a toddlers antics as he takes down a muffin or ice cream cone, and free passes to places like the Museum of Science, available with our library membership.  Truly awesome.

2) I love this meal planning post post from Helen Jane.  She takes my essential formula, but turns it up a notch with an actual, formal system for planning and shopping for her weekly family meals, complete with cute fridge menu for all to admire.  She even has a printable meal planning template on her sidebar!  This truly speaks to all things Type A in my brain.  Fab.

3) I'm excited for the Big Game this weekend!  Go Pats!
I could actually care less about football, but I love the festive spirit in the air and, more importantly, all the incredible winter recipes flying around the land of food blogs.  It's as if everyone has tossed all of the January kale and wheatgrass out the window in an unspoken National Gluttony Pact. Pretzel dogs!  Panini Bars! Wings! Ribs!  Little cookie sandwiches that look like hamburgers! Yes!  Bring it!

4) The little guy is pretty much officially ready to transition to a big boy bed, which means I've been prowling online for options.  Fun!  Currently, there is a tug-of-war happening between my preppy and hippie selves in regards to bedding.
The New England-dwelling, Type A prepster in my brain enjoys these crisp, navy and white stars...
...while the Jerry Garcia and kale loving me thinks this elephant/monkey Indian print quilt is groovy.
For the truly interested, here's a link to my Big Boy Bed Pinterest page.  Yes, I have one. Yes, I love it.

5) My lovely yoga teacher had this on the playlist of our Wednesday yoga session.
I hadn't heard this song before, and I now I can't get it out of my head.  Cheesy though it may sound, it tugs on my heartstrings at it makes me think of my husband and all our moves these past years.  B - home is wherever I'm with you...

Told you it was random inside my head!
Happy weekend!


  1. my weeks are always, random, mismatched and daydreamy- maybe that's the two kid equation, or my personality? who knows...

    skip the toddler bed, save the mula, and go straight to a twin, because you'll need it sooner than you know. also, there's more room for bedtime storries and snugglin' in a twin!

    sounds like helen jane lives in sh... funny to see "cheers" and "bocce" on her menu. someday i'll learn how to meal plan...

  2. Thanks for the link and yes! ha. Haley, you're right!
    Cheers! and bocce are important parts of every resident's schedule.

    (I also agree about the twin bed. Save yourself the effort ;))

  3. Thank you, lovely ladies of St. Helena, for the bed input. I've been scratching my head about the toddler bed thing, thinking that extending the life of the crib mattress makes sense, but also seeing all of the impracticalities of that tiny little bed. I appreciate feedback from you who have been there.

    Helen Jane - I've just discovered your blog and I love it! Thanks for finding SMJ and for your comment!

    1. I love random Fridays and weeks. We are doing big boy bed transition here too. I was also told to pass on toddler beds and go straight for twin. Found a woman at a flea market who refinishes antique beds and paints them exactly as you want...which is a huge cost savings. I was kinda shocked at what twin beds in land of nod and the like go for.
      I love the elephants above. Have you also seen this fun elephant print?

    2. Thanks for the input, Meghan. More and more, I'm thinking we need to suck it up and invest in the twin. I was really floored by how much some of the frame/mattress combos cost, though. I'm going to keep searching for unique bargains like you've found!

      I would like to live inside the Serena and Lily Catalog. Every single page.