Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Peace in Beauty

I'm having a bit of a chaotic and overwhelming week.  Sometimes I find that when I'm stressed and maxed out, simply looking at something beautiful makes me calm down, breathe, and feel peaceful.
Wisteria in bloom, Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan
Serene outdoor scene via Elle Decor
Chill poolside mama in the most perfect hippie pants ever, via Veronica Beard
Super cozy, eclectic little boy's room featuring Emerald Elephant Quilt, via Serena and Lily.
Thanks, Meghan, for the quilt tip-off! Love it!
Gorgeous flowers in blue glass.  Did you know you can make your own blue glass mason jars?  Check it out here.
Wishing us all a chill Wednesday...


  1. oh, man.
    i needed that/those.
    thanks, smj.

  2. These photos are perfect stress-relievers for my busy day. Thanks.