Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sporty Summer Uniform

As long as my days continue to revolve around intensive, outside-the-office multitasking, I'm looking for a daily uniform with an emphasis on comfort and mobility.  For summer, I love dresses.  I love throwing one item of clothing over my head and being "dressed", I love the breezy feeling of wearing something flowy and feminine, and I love how criminal it is that something as comfortable as a nightgown can be so flattering and sexy.  For the chestily-endowed and athletic among us, finding supportive dresses that can go from stroller-hauling speedwalk to playground to dinner isn't always easy.  But a booby birdy recently told me about Athleta, and after a visit to their website, I'm intrigued. 
I LOVE a maxi dress, and this Printed Rio Maxi looks buttery-soft and comes in petite sizes (crucial in ordering floor-length gear when you're a shorty, as I am).  It also comes in a more subtle black-and-white print, although I'm digging on the overt beachiness of this green number.
  The Savasana Dress looks absurdly comfy + I love the thick straps and flirty pockets.
  I adore halter dresses, but rarely sport them due to bra-related issues.  The Kokomo Dress promises "full support" and gets rave reviews.
I haven't ordered a thing yet, but my curiosity is piqued.  Curvy sisters, have you tried anything from this line?  I would love your feedback.  I'm looking for a sporty summer uniform that says cute and functional, and if dirt and peanut butter are disguised well, that's a bonus.
What will your grab-and-go uniform be this summer?

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  1. Sing it Sister! My go-to late spring/summer uniform is definitely dresses. I too, love the ease of putting on one item & being on my way! I have a pretty good collection going already but it doesn't stop me from adding to it. haha Love all the dresses above! We booked our honeymoon to the Dominican Republic, so I'm on the search for cute dresses for dinner. :-)