Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So Sleepy

What do five days of rain, a physically/mentally/emotionally draining weekend, too much sugar, and a son who enjoys waking up at 5am lead to?
This is me, circa 2000, passed out on the couch with my favorite cuddling partner prior to meeting the hubs.
They lead to an exhausted and somewhat speechless SMJ.

By last night, I was so sleepy that all I could do was warm some leftovers and share them wordlessly with the husband.  Too tapped to even offer simple table conversation in the vein of "how 'bout those Red Sox", we eventually retired to the couch, then to bed before 9.  I need to figure out how to:
1) Plan less psycho weekends (not likely to happen, but I can aspire in that direction).
2) Get the boy to sleep until at least 6am (any suggestions?  please share).
3) Not wake up at least three times a night (I'm getting better on falling asleep and re-falling asleep when I do wake up, but still, the constant waking is a killer -- I'll also take suggestions on this one).
4) Eat less sugar.
5) Steal that bear from my old roomies.  Damn if he wasn't the cuddliest ever.
More soon as I continue to bounce back... I have many more FFFs to share!


  1. I'm sending lots of mellow & sleepy vibes your way! xoxoxo Hang in there SMJ!

  2. Let's drink champagne this weekend. That makes ME sleepy!