Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fancy Times

The husband is in the wedding of a dear friend in Vermont in late July.  I'll be 27 weeks pregnant by then, and most definitely large and in charge.  The setting will be gorgeous, the groom's family rather stylish, and the husband looking dashing in groomsman attire.  While I don't expect to look or feel in my most top form, I'm hoping I can channel some of that "you're glowing!" energy and feel at least a bit lovely and like some good arm candy that evening.  I'm starting to think about what to wear, and since my last pregnancy took place in the dead of winter, there is nothing in my maternity closet to recycle.  Also, since this is shaping up to be virtually the only dressy occasion we're invited to for the duration of my pregnancy, I don't want to spend a ton on something that will likely only be worn once (by me, at least... hopefully I can share the love and pass a great dress on to a friend with a summer pregnancy!).  Old Navy and Gap probably won't fit the bill on this one, so I checked out the site ASOS, which I've seen all over the interwebs lately.  In fact, Cup of Jo is offering a 20% off coupon code for ASOS through this Monday, which lights a fire under me to want to order some options to try, especially since the site offers free two-way shipping (love that!).  I'm on the hunt for something appropriate for an evening, outdoor wedding (so no white, and maybe no black, since that always seems somber for a wedding, and especially a garden wedding), with as much style as possible for someone rounding the bend to the third trimester.  This is the best of what ASOS has to offer...
I love this red Grecian Drape dress ($58).  The jersey fabric would be cool and comfortable on a July evening, and it could be dressed up with jewelry.  

Love the gorgeous blue of this Belted Scoop Neck dress ($49), but worry it could be a tad cutesy on thanks to the bow at waist and flutter sleeves (I'm 35, not 5, ya know).

This flirty, fun Sweetheart Neck dress ($36) probably has the most flattering cut, but the crisp cotton might be way too casual.

Finally, I think this Chiffon Swing dress ($66) is really fun, but the white is a no-no, the black is probably too severe, and what does one do about bra straps with that cut out situation?  This one's probably a no go, but still adorable. 

And p.s., this Sparkle Dress ($75) is also really fun, but not really a contender, due to a casual look, and my fear of wearing that many sparkles while already closely resembling a disco ball.
Which one do you like?


  1. I like the Grecian drape or chiffon swing and I don't think black is out at all (though I guess I wouldn't since it's all I wear). The bra issue is tough, though!

  2. Grecian drape is fab! Although the belted scoop neck is beautiful and looks most like SMJ. xo

  3. I am a fan of the Grecian Drape as well. It is so flattering and what a great color for an outdoor garden wedding!

    I too agree that black doesn't necessarily have to be out (especially if you have a wonderfully colorful pashmina to wear and/or jewelry to liven things up! :-)

  4. 1. chiffon swing if it comes in anything other than the white
    2. Grecian Drape in RED says I am a proud, strong woman.