Thursday, July 14, 2011


I've just discovered a new magazine about to launch this month called Kinfolk.  The concept revolves around capturing the special small gatherings we create in our homes.  Entertaining in our home is more or less the hub of our social life these days, and something we love to do, so I was excited to stumble on this new source of inspiration.  You may have noticed a dearth of recipe posts lately, and that is because a certain someone has been stuck in a taco night/Indian night/pizza night/salad night rut since our July 4th barbecue bonanza.  There is nothing I love more than an infusion of kitchen creativity, and the online journal component of Kinfolk is just what the doctor ordered, featuring gorgeous photography and fun concepts for entertaining.  The eclectic team of artists working on the project mean it is bound to be something special.  If there is one hidden blessing to living in these recessionary times, it is that we are given the opportunity, called upon really, to elevate the everyday and make simplicity special.  It looks like Kinfolk will be inspiration to do just that.  Check it out and let me know what you think!
 Photos via Kinfolk

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  1. Okay I love it already...the photos are gorgeous! I see another reason I will be delaying my work this morning. :-)