Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gluttony --> Health

Like the true patriots we are, we celebrated Independence Day by firing up our grill three times in three days.  Nothing says freedom like food cooked over an open flame! Some of my top favorite recipes of the weekend came from other food bloggers and chefs, and I wanted to pass them on for your enjoyment.
We loved:
The Barefoot Contessa's Maple Baked Beans
I used cannellini beans instead of kidney and loved the milder flavor.  You can't go wrong with Ina.

Dinner: A Love Story's Mustardy Potato Salad
A simple new potato salad with fresh basil and two kinds of mustard, this was the perfect lighter side on a table full of fattier goodies. This is now my official go-to potato salad for mayo boycotters, although my own heart remains true to my mother-in-law's ridiculously good mayo-based potato salad, which I like to eat for breakfast if she makes it when we visit... don't judge.

Eat Live Run's Gingered Peach and Blackberry Cobbler
My first foray into biscuit-topped cobbler, and it was mind blowing.  The husband, who usually avoids hyperbole, deemed it one of the best desserts of all time.  The chopped crystalized ginger in the biscuits takes it right over the top.  Please make this ASAP while the peaches are sweet and perfect... truly an ode to summer.

We also ate: barbecued ribs, ridiculous homemade burgers on peppered brioche rolls, grilled chicken, tons of corn, and more frozen yogurt than I care to discuss.  We looked at each other over hot dogs on Monday and knew we needed a bit of a health kick for the week to counteract the extreme indulgence, so we did what any pair of good health foodies would do and hauled out the juicer.   Now is the time to juice, juice, juice, when produce is flavorful and inexpensive, and chilled liquid makes the start of the day brighter and more energized.  My favorite juices of late have been:
The Classic: carrot, beet, ginger and apple. This juice is the ultimate detoxifier and will leave you feeling vibrant and awake.
The Pink Lady: juice grapefruit, lemon, lime and ginger in the juicer, then blend with strawberries, ice and a teaspoon of honey to balance the acidity of the citrus.  Holy delicious!  This juice is also a detoxifier, as well as an immune booster thanks to the healthy dose of Vitamin C from the citrus and berries.
A bike ride around the city on Monday and four miles around the pond this morning pushing the toddler (hubs) and pulling the dog back (me), and we're feeling pretty back in business over here.
How are you bouncing back from your holiday weekend?
And is it me, or are "short weeks" sometimes the longest?

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