Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Winter's End

On Monday the temperature in Boston started in the 50s and ended in the 20s.  The poor hubs left the house in a vest in the morning, and was freezing to his bones when he came back in the door in the evening.  Unfortunately, that's just how early spring rolls around these parts.  And to my lovelies in Vermont who got two more feet of snow that very same day, my heart goes out to you and your over-used snow shovels.  Even with these surprise deep freezes and lingering winter head colds, I can feel spring just around the corner, which gives me the fortitude to embrace winter for a few more weeks.  In the name of loving winter while it melts away, here is my list of chilly weather things to enjoy before we're sweating it out at playground once more...

1) We have yet to make a really killer batch of chili with all the fixings this winter.  How can that be?  I saw the Barefoot Contessa make an award winning chili with brisket that looked to die for, and I can't believe I'm about to let the snowy season come and go without making my stand-by chicken chili.  Both recipes need to go on the meal plan stat, before the thermometer tips 50 again.

2)  A great restaurant is great all year 'round, but there is something about bellying up to the bar at my favorite place in Maine when it's really freezing cold outside.  Anneke Jans is right on the water, so you get that great whipping wind effect around the windows, and the dark ambiance makes you feel like you've just slipped into a cozy cave, perfect for hibernating.  The specialty cocktails warm you from the inside out and heat your cheeks to face the cold outside.  I love it.

3) I can't wait until my kitchen is filled with berries and stone fruits, but in the meantime, I want to roast the last of the beautiful root veggies and savor their hearty goodness.

4) Before life is all sundresses and flip-flops, I want to make like this gorgeous Italian mama, don all my winter favorites and bask in the crisp sunshine.  I love my tall Frye boots, beautiful sage cashmere scarf (a treasured Christmas gift from the husband many years ago), and wool houndstooth coat that I scored for $26 at a vintage store in St. Louis, and I want to enjoy them before they're cleaned and put away for a bit.
Photo from The Sarorialist

5) Blustery walks: on the beach in Maine, to town for a Caramel and Sea Salt Latte at City Feed, to the playground to be the only maniacs willing to brave the slide in 30 degree weather.
Being crazy enough to venture out in these temps means not having to share any of the tricycles!
I love feeling windswept, then coming through the door at home with a big exhale, cozying up on the couch, and putting on the kettle for tea.

I'm the biggest winter-hater of them all, and if I can come up with some things to love (and even miss) about this gray season, I know you can too.  What will you miss most when you're wiping the condensation from your iced coffee and seeking out a swimming hole?


  1. Skiing, sledding and sleeping under big comfy comforters!

  2. The smell of snow - been missing it most of the winter!And winter sunshine - there's something about that weird angle and it's rare warmth that makes me appreciate it even more.