Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Morning

Egg Sandwich.  Iced Coffee.  The new Anthropologie catalog.  Streaming sunlight. Anniversary flowers on their last legs but too pretty to throw away just yet (yes, I matched my fruit selections to the flowers and vase: there is your glimpse inside my twisted little brain this morning).
The highlights of this tableau?
1) Beans from Four Barrel Coffee brought to me by my sister from San Francisco.  You know I am a coffee snob, and this java is truly over the top.  Not sure how I'm supposed to go back to drinking other stuff now, and am working on a plan to either barter with my sister for a monthly shipment, or somehow convince the husband that it is totally reasonable to mail order artisanal coffee beans from California.  It is that good.
2) Cheese on the sammie = Trader Joe's 2 Year Old Gouda.  $2.99 for a huge hunk, people!!!  And it tastes just as good as the pricey stuff, I promise.  Totally made the sandwich. Bread for the sammie = Ezekial 4:9 Sprouted Grain Sesame Bread.  An oldie but a goodie in this house... I've just forgotten to buy it for awhile.  So glad I remembered how much we love this stuff!  $3.99 at TJ's and with a nutritional profile like no other... give it a try!
3) Crossweave Boots in the Anthropologie catalog: so pretty, so fall-y.  Currently fantasizing about crisp weather and wearing jeans and leather boots again as the humidity levels reach 100% or so in Boston today.  I am aware I'll be complaining about the cold soon enough, but in the meantime, gazing at fall fashions is almost as good as A.C. 
Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder to make food and table attractive and nutritional not just for others but for myself too. It might slow down the start of day and set the tone for the rest of it.