Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Gift of Light

I wanted to share some gorgeous lighting-related gifts that have recently caught my fancy.  I love the tongue-in-cheek quality of gifting one of these for for Hanukkah, the Festival of Light, but I think they'd be lovely Christmas treats as well!
photo via Mia Linnman
I'm borderline obsessed with this Etch Candleholder by Tom Dixon.  I lower our lights and burn candles almost every night as a peaceful way to end the day.  The intricate patterns in this beautiful candleholder create a play of light on the walls that would be breathtaking and thrilling to the little guy as well.  I also love that it would last forever, negating the need to buy and replace table candles... you'd only need little tea lights.
Brooklyn artisan Alyssa Ettinger sells these beautiful porcelain-dipped mason jars in her Etsy shop.  There is so much to love about them, I hardly know where to begin.  So many ladies I know love to re-purpose mason jars for decorating, and this is a really elegant take on that.  I also love that these particular jars are Canadian, as I have a special affinity for our neighbors to the north.  The gentle glow this gives off is so lovely, and the uniqueness of this find makes it a great conversation piece for the home.  She also makes little hanging votive versions which are equally adorable.
Finally, if you are feeling crafty and either have a cool bottle collection and might not mind parting with one or two, or you have a nearby antique/flea market situation with abundance of blue, green or otherwise beautiful glass bottles, this is an awesome DIY project idea to create your own bottle lamps.  I think this would be best attempted with a friend/dude who owns a drill, and may need to involve some alcohol and swearing, but isn't that what holiday prep is all about?

Other cool light-related gift ideas: bistro string lights for someone's porch or garden, gorgeous scented candles, origami lights, a cool lamp.  And one of my all time fave holiday cards...
via Anne Taintor

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