Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Monday

I feel like the kid who claims to love homework saying this, but I am so happy that it is Monday.  I know that this is the Monday of Mondays; the one everyone dreads.  What could be fun about getting back into routines, putting away the lights and the tinsel and the baked goods and hunkering down into the reality of winter? I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm just kind of loving it. I'm ready for a bit of clean living and eating, a little normalcy, a little focus.  I'm loving just being here at home, soaking in the relative quiet, getting life back in order and making plans for the coming year.  I'm savoring spending this time with my little dude for as long as it lasts, just the two of us here on the homefront, cooking in his play kitchen and playing with his trains.  Maybe I'm in such good spirits this Monday because there's a lot to look forward to both in the near and far future. Things I'm loving the thought of today include:

1) Really interesting job opportunities that I have found and the possibility of expanding my career in new and exciting ways (more on that when there is something to tell, in the meantime please cross fingers and toes for me that one of these cool things pans out!).
2) Really interesting daycare opportunities for the little man, including some in our neighborhood that look really creative and are bilingual as well.  I love the idea of giving him the opportunity to grow up speaking more than one language.
3) My dear friend and sister-by-choice is getting married in four short months!  Not only has she honored me by asking me to stand up with her on her wedding day, she is letting us all pick our own bridesmaid dresses, the only caveat being that they are a solid color.  How fun to have an excuse to get a new frock on top of all the other fun associated with these nuptials.  I love it!
4) We've moved to a place where there is actually a season called Spring.  I dearly love Vermont, but it often snows in May there, and the transition between Winter and Summer is marked by a lot of mud and frigid temperatures long after you're ready to pack up your sweaters.  Have you seen what Boston looks like in April?
Tulips!  Sunshine!  Glasses of white wine at outdoor cafes!  Open-toed shoes! All of this is just 12 short weeks (or so) away!!!  It may seem crazy to be excited about Spring in January, but I can't help myself.  Just thinking about it makes me feel hopeful and giddy.  Amazing what moving just three short hours to the south can do. 
5) A wonderful, blog reading elf made an All-Clad Slow Cooker appear at my door on Christmas!  THANK YOU! Years of coveting this precious piece of equipment are over, and the obsessive braising can now begin!  Tomorrow I'm making my debut dish of slow-cooked Cuban Chicken and taking you along for the ride.  Words cannot accurately describe my joy.
What are you looking forward to in 2011?


  1. I agreeeeeeee!!!! I love that the NORMAL DAYS are back! :)

  2. I'm looking forward to more SMJ posts. To healthier, clean living & eating as well. To my own wedding on your birthday this year! :-) And to our honeymoon too!

    Don't feel weird about thinking about Spring already...I know I am!